Monday, July 25, 2011

Intellectual Property

Other countries have long enacted measures to better safeguard intellectual property rights in this day and age of digitalization of intellectual creations and in the advent of technological innovations (ie., P2P file sharing, torrent, etc) that provide access and means for users to easily infringe the IP rights of creators.

The Philippines has, with much dismay, lagged behind its counterparts.

It is only recently that the House of Representatives approved on third reading House Bill No. 3841, which amends the IP Code. On the other hand, the Senate has yet to tackle Senate Bill No. 2842, its HB No. 3841 counterpart.

While the said bills are still lacking, in light of the WIPO Copyright Treaty, intellectual property laws enforced in other countries, jurisprudential application of the said laws, and current and fast-evolving trends in technology, it is a welcome and a much needed development in Intellectual Property and Information Communications Technology.

This author, however, hopes that further amendments be made and that stronger protection be afforded the creators, subject of course to certain limitations such as constitutional right of free speech, etc.


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