Thursday, July 21, 2011

price drop

After keeping my cellphone for 4 years and 9 months, I'm considering changing it with something with similar features. I'm not after phones that are complicated, with computers built on them, but i really like a phone with a radio, mp3 player, bluetooth capability, at least tri-band (so i can use it abroad) and a camera at least. I haven't been updated with prices (or anything much lately, not even able to watch tv or movies due to my never ending to do list) and like in the US (where I spent more than 9 months of last year) prices don't really change much (an apple ipod touch older version would still be the same price as the new one that just got out). Therefore, much to my surprise (and delight) that the features of my old phone are already half the price of what it used to be!

However, thinking about it, a friend of mine in high school bought the P20K phone which back then can only be used to send and receive text messages or be used to call, only it was small... Now aside from being phased out, if one of those old models are for sale, they'll barely fetch P200 for a price.

Looking around at the appliance store, it also surprised me to find LCD tvs that formerly fetched hundreds of thousands at much lower prices. I suppose they're the same quality.

There are products that the reason for the price drop is the dropping of the quality as well, such as electric fans before were sturdy, cheap commercial electric fans now may need to be replaced more often.

With my experience of buying an ipod touch without knowing that in 2 months the newer version with a camera would come out; i'm rather pessimistic about buying gadgets now. it feels like if i keep on waiting, prices will drop anyway, or better models will come out.

I am considering replacing my almost 5 years old laptop as well, however, i really fear that the mac air i'm eyeing, if i buy one now, might in a couple of months either price drop in terms of ten thousand pesos or more (or less, it's still thousand/s!) or a newer version come out in the same period! :'(

Then again in the US, a decade ago, when Filipinos were so engrossed with what cellphones can do, and the old version of Nokia had already price dropped in the Philippines, it still cost hundred of dollars. Up to now actually, there are still a lot of people who don't "text" there.

so to speak, i really don't know whether to rejoice at price drops or to worry.

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