Wednesday, July 27, 2011

May Pasok Ba?

It was so difficult to track the suspension of classes a few years ago when we were younger. We had to call the school or some government offices to check, which was difficult to do because of the busy lines. As a result, we were compelled to go to school anyway just to be sure. Then, when the classes become in fact suspended we get annoyed with all the efforts to be in school and the doubly difficult effort of going back home. Sometimes, we know for sure not to go to school when the roofs of neighbors go flying.

This is not the case nowadays. Even when there is no storm signal yet but there is a continuous rainfall, everyone will start sending questions anticipating a suspension. Juaning’s first day in the Philippines put CHED in trending topics world wide because of inquiries regarding the suspension. The moment the suspension is given it spreads so quickly as if it is in a contest for the record of fastest spreading information.

Another cause of annoyance in our history of suspending classes is accuracy. We go to school when we are not supposed to. We don’t go to school when there is very little wind or rainfall. But now, we can track the storm at home sipping our favorite coffee and looking at websites like Even UP Diliman Chancellor Saloma wanted to be accurate when he said that he would look at satellite images at 4am before declaring anything.

James Anthony MIna #6

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