Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Online Professionals

The way Medical and Legal help is given has changed very much with the introduction of the internet and forum like sites. Now there are numerous websites offering legal or medical help online for free or for a fee. Clients need only put down a description of their legal problems or medical condition and the professionals on the other end give their advice on what the client should do. Due to this new method of advice giving, it is much more accessible to all clients. Free advice sites won’t even charge, and clients may obtain advice from several sources. It is sometimes also faster, since the client would no longer need to travel and line up at a doctor’s clinic, or wait for a day that the doctor is in before he or she may obtain advice. It also grants anonymity, as a client’s situation may be embarrassing or dangerous and online help seems the better option to preserve the same.

However, these websites have dangers as well. Sometimes the professional on the other end may not be very good, or not even a real doctor or lawyer at all. Wicked individuals may give wrong advice just out of malice. Also it may even be the client’s fault, being untrained, they may give the wrong description of their problem or symptoms and thus solicit wrong advice. Sometimes it takes a doctor or lawyer to see things a normal client does not. These dangers however, can be avoided. First a client should go to a trustworthy site with a decent populace and has already been established. A client should also go for sites or forums where there is some form of approval method of the posts to see what others have to say about the advice given. The client should also try to go for a site where the professionals are verified as true professionals.

All in all, the internet has provided a new way of obtaining advice that could most usually have been costly, embarrassing, or time consuming. Clients need to understand the risk of these however, and be wary of advice given if unapproved or verified by other sources. Still it is very much convenient, and as long as care is taken, should do more good than harm.

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