Thursday, July 7, 2011


My friends tell me he’s too small. But he’s cute… irresistibly cute. He’s not flashy, no blings, no rah-rah, nothing but his simplicity. Sexy simplicity, I call it. He used to tag along even in the most obscure places I frequent. He kept me company and made me laugh like crazy in public… the kind that borders between being insanely happy and plain insanity. We went out a lot and travelled together. He helped me track down old favorites and new discoveries – may it be music or movie. He endured all my LSS and the rest of my weird assortment of syndromes. He was there in times of brainless entertainment; he stayed up with me during sleepless law school episodes. He coached me in a handful of recits. He kept a pretty good account of my rants, my stories, my senseless ramblings. Along the way, there were occasional bumps and falling out…for which I almost always take the blame. In hindsight, he was, at a certain point of my life, the most valuable possession. And yet I knew full well that I could never completely own him forever.

It's been two years since my brother introduced me to him. I confess, I took an instant liking for him. We shared two beautiful years together… until the day he became unresponsive. The day he gave me a blank stare. I stared for hours. He stared back – there was a blank expression in his entire being. It was as if I was staring at the depth of the sky. Right there I knew he's gone.

Then it hit me: the 2-year relationship rule!* Rumors have it that they have been designed to last for only two years. Convenient to have, but disposable after some time.

But I refuse to give up on him. I have to resuscitate him back to life. At all costs, I will. After all, HE is my one and only HP.

-Crisela Bernardino (entry #3)


*Numerous reports reveal that the average lifespan of a netbook is 2 years – to the dismay of their lovers. Some claim (even the technical person who attempted to “re-condition” my one and only) that manufacturers have deliberately programmed these ultraportable buddies to self-destruct after 2 years or so to keep a steady “demand” for such. Short lifespan to keep the market alive. Same life philosophy for maybe the rest of the electronic gadgets and items in the electronic world. tsk. God save the minis!

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