Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Criminal Minds

Do you have a criminal mind?

Penelope Garcia is the computer whiz in the popular TV series "Criminal Minds." Garcia was once on the FBI's hacker list who was later recruited to be part of an FBI team.

Through her I.T. expertise, her team of FBI “profilers” are able to access and filter pertinent data, including personal circumstances, criminal, medical and bank records, and the like, found on the internet. The gathered information allows the team to narrow down suspects, and later identify, locate and thereafter arrest the serial killers.

If essential databanks such as those are indeed available online and are actually utilized by people like Garcia in the real world, then law enforcement agents would have a field day and may finally rid the society of its most wanted criminals.

Hackers and stalkers, including wannabes, would likewise rejoice at the existence of such databank.

On the other hand, an ordinary citizen would constantly live in fear for her safety, knowing that a bulk of valuable information of hers is in the hands of another and the uncertainty of who else out there can access the same and for what purpose will these be utilized.

The virtual world that we now have can indeed be a scary place with the proliferation of online misdeeds and nefarious schemes performed by those cursed to have criminal minds.

Entry # 3 by Diana Margaret C. Lauron

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