Thursday, July 7, 2011

hardcopy versus softcopy

Sometimes we hear the advocacy of going paper-less, every correspondence will be in soft-copy.

Although I am very much appreciative of technological advancements, I dread that era of everything in soft copy. Reading hard copies have its advantages, such as less eye damage.

Without researching much into the matter, the topic just came to me while thinking of posters and hard copy media that really make a difference. Examples would be table calendars, or an office calendar display, signs and message-boards, etc.

Personally, I love being able to write on a hard copy of what I'm reading, being able to highlight and to fold the pages of a book. A book would also be easier to navigate in areas where there's no internet connection for example, and would not need batteries to be able to be read.

The costs of a computer to the environment, in producing heat, and consuming electricity, isn't that as much as costly as the cost of paper to the environment?

Going completely paper-less is a nightmare for me. My suggestion would be, for more communication to be short and precise instead of being verbose and much too long; this way, there will be less paper used.

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