Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Digital Editing and the Notion of Beauty

Our first impression when seeing an advertisement featuring a model or celebrity is usually along the lines of “Wow, I wish I could look like that”. This is exactly what these advertisements want us to think. That if we buy their products, we would be one step closer to reaching that stage of perfection. What we need to realize however is that most of these advertisements have been heavily Photo-shopped. Bad skin has been cleared, unsightly marks have been removed, bodies have been defined, eye bags removed, and even armpits edited, all through the magic of Photoshop. Many artists even have personal Photoshop assistants who do nothing all ay but edit their pictures before releasing them to the public. This means that this stage of “perfection” could not even be achieved by celebrities and models who have personal trainers and make-up artists and the like, how could the normal citizen even hope of achieving that state?

The power of Photoshop is so abused it is destroying the confidence of a lot of people. The advertisements feature more and more unrealistic shots which just make the general public more depressed with how they look. We all think how beautiful these models are and yet we look like we do despite how hard we look. It isn’t right. People should be aware just how extreme computer photo editing really is and be happy with how we look and not that we should look like those people on the advertisements. It’s easy enough to search online unedited photos as compared to those appearing in magazines and advertisements. The difference really is noticeable, and it is quite depressing to see how badly Photoshop is used nowadays. If computer editing is not moderated, it may come to a point that the idea of physical beauty would just be a myth if Photoshop would not resorted to. Be happy with how you look, keep healthy, and don’t believe everything you see in photos.

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