Sunday, July 31, 2011

in pursuit of virtual gratification

In a world of increasing commercialism, aggressive pursuit of one's desires is the norm.
Sacrificing attainment of needs for gratifying wants has become acceptable. Trading up to reach a greater satisfaction is nothing new.

But trading your own babies to fund virtual gratification is insanely novel and is insane in itself.
$500 for a baby girl. $4600 each for two baby boys. All in the name of online gaming addiction. As a Chinese couple take their gaming obsession to a whole new level, they exchange not just needs for wants but legal duties for virtual lust. A disgusting lust to say the least.

Webster defines 'sacrifice' as the act of offering something precious to a deity.
The insane couple defines 'sacrifice' as the act of surrendering their kids to their gaming demons.
The phrase 'sacrifices made by parents' has always brought to mind endearing thoughts of acts of selfless parents and has sometimes even moved me to tears. The couple's sacrifice, however,
can only bring tears of hate.

The society has been used to scolding the youths for their unhealthy gaming habit. This time, the babies take a turn at upbraiding. $500 for a baby girl. $4600 each for two baby boys. A grand total of $9700 for online gaming addiction. Ahhh, "parents' sacrifices" at its finest.
In 2007, the world has witnessed how a man gave up his own life, albeit unwittingly, in pursuit of virtual gratification. But giving up your own child, er, THREE children? Oh c'mon. Please tell me the world is unprepared for this. Ancient evil in a new form. Talk about bad news.

Cris Bernardino {entry # 7}

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