Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Sick Things People Do

The internet is a world cloaked beneath the shadows of anonymity. Hidden underneath the HTMLs and IP addresses, one can easily unleash one’s perversity without fear of revealing one’s true identity. Rapists, perverts and psychos abound exponentially ... lurking in the forums … silently preying on innocent netizens .. waiting for the perfect moment to strike. No one is safe once you are embroiled in the warped world wide web.

The latest victims to fall prey to the evil clutches of these anonymous criminals are small animals. Puppies, rabbits, rats … no animal no matter how small or defenseless was left unscathed by the perverse desire of these internet-savvy sexual deviants. “Crush videos” found themselves uploaded in websites, catering to the prurient fetishes of psychopaths who seem to derive pleasure in hearing the screams of young animals being crushed beneath the weight of a pointed red stiletto of a scantily-clad adolescent girl.

How these sick minds could find pleasure in brutally crushing the life out of these animals is beyond me. The United States has taken action by signing into law House Bill 5566, outlawing animal crush videos. In the Philippines, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is on a manhunt, offering a reward of P100,000 for information that would lead to the arrest of Victor and Dorma Ridon.

According to a Russian tipster, Filipinos Victor and Dorma Ridon are behind the production and sale of a series of “crush videos” depicting various animals being abused. Under the Philippine Animal Welfare Act, perpetrators of animal torture are subjected to a maximum of two years imprisonment, and/or a measly fine of P5,000.00. But because of the proliferation of “crush videos” in the Philippines, 2 bills were filed in Congress seeking to explicitly ban the production and sale of “crush videos.”

Indeed, the internet has opened many doors and broken global barriers. Anything the world has to offer is literally at your fingertips. Shoes made in France, electronics developed in Japan --- heck, even live videos of kittens being skinned alive! Take your pick. Anything you want ... anything your heart desires ... yours to sample in the convenience of your own home. Thanks to the internet and “crush videos”, the idiomatic expression “a thousand ways to skin a cat” has taken on an entirely different literal meaning.

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Diane Cecilia Yu

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