Thursday, August 5, 2010

All the Answers in the World

Today I came home from school with red, puffy eyes – like a kindergarten student bullied in her school during recess. Aggrieved, I went online – initially planning to make a public ranting via Facebook. I opened another window and typed in these words in the Google search box: “how-to-get-even”. Lo and behold a list of websites appeared -- suggesting ways on how to get even on people who have done you wrong. There is this website -- which offers delivery of dead wilted roses, dead fish, bad breath package, and all sorts of nasty products to the person you want to get even with. Hmm, sounds interesting but too risky. Although awhile ago, I was that close to boring a hole on that person’s car tire. Well, I decided to think of another alternative – a more mature one. I keyed in these words instead in the Google search box: “how-to-deal-with-difficult-people” and Google did not fail me for a long list of self-help websites appeared, teaching ways on how to deal with difficult people. Isn’t just amazing that the Internet is readily able to provide anyone with all the answers in the world? The breadth of topics seems endless – from how to speak Spanish to how to live your life to the fullest; to how to punish your boss and how to cook carbonara. Well as for me, I have learned today from my personal experience how easy it is to make another person feel miserable – and yes, even this ‘how to make someone miserable’ can be looked up in Google as well. And maybe that person who made me feel miserable today, did exactly just the same.

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