Thursday, August 5, 2010

IMHO: Choose to get acquired by Google, Yahoo, or Facebook if you still don't have that billion dollar baby

When Raina wrote her Billion Dollar Baby post, it got me thinking. This thing called the internet, manifested through this monitor in front of me, is the one of the richest sources of, well, riches. With all the apps being developed for social networking sites, with all the other social networking sites that sprouted and still are sprouting everywhere, and the million of dollars it can put in your bank account, a lot of people are thinking about the next big thing and we are all waiting for it.

Today, some people got richer. These are the owners of Slide which was acquired by Google for $182 million. At the other side of this story is Facebook acquiring $40-million worth of Social Networking Patents. Lesson is: If you can't create the next big thing just yet, create something that the present big thing/s might decide to acquire (and of course, it has to be from you).

Either that or you do something that will be considered viral that will catch the attention of online communities. Today, Prop 8 was declared unconstitutional and the Scribd account owner who posted the decision got the attention of the Scribd community. It is considered viral if it reaches 100,000 views within 24 hours. This year, some short films have caught the attention of Hollywood and gave them some $30 million-worth of contract. Not bad.

In my humble opinion, getting acquired and being viral are still a next-big-thing.

Paulyn Duman
Blog #10 (for August 20)

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