Thursday, August 19, 2010

Suddenly Jejemon

What would you do when you discover that your picture has been used by college students in their report on “jejemons” and has even categorized you under the “mild jejemons”?

This was what happened to my bestfriend’s friend. Let’s call him X.
X was tagged by a friend in a video posted in facebook. X’s friend saw the video in facebook and recognized X so he tagged him there. The video was apparently part of a report on “Jejemons” made by college students from University of the East. X, an Ateneo graduate, couldn’t believe it when he saw his picture in the video and was referred to as an example of a “mild jejemon.”

So how in the world did his picture end up in the video? It appears that his picture was posted by his friend in a blog and used ‘jejemon’ as caption for said picture. The blog site is apparently accessible to Google that when people search ‘jejemon’ in Google images, his picture is one of those images which pop out in the search page.

Does X have a remedy? I heard he just let this thing go – he said it wasn’t that incriminating and besides there could have been worse things than that. And I think that to some extent a lot of us would agree with him.

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