Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hurray for Food Blogs

I am a big foodie, which is funny since I never liked eating when I was younger. Now, I love trying out all sorts of dishes—in restaurants, food stalls, fairs, whatever. What lead me to become more adventurous with food, you ask? I surmise it’s because of the advent of food and restaurant blogs made by the average Joe.

Ordinary food bloggers are making an impact on restaurant-goers because the web is so influential on our everyday life. It used to be that magazine reviews were the only way to find out about new restaurants—not very realistic considering they have a bigger budget and are probably treated like royalty knowing that the restaurant is being covered. But now, hesitant or frugal customers can easily search for a particular restaurant and see other people’s experience of it. With the wide array of food reviews out in the web, both discussing the good and bad, one can form a pretty good idea of a potential dining experience.

Before, I would go in a restaurant and blindly choose something based on its fancy name or pretty picture. The difference between then and now is when I walk in, I more or less have an idea of what’s good and what’s awful and what to excpect from a certain venue. Also, being a typical student, I have to work with a limited budget. I’d hate to waste money on a dish that would potentially not taste right to me. Food blogs help out in the budgeting area too.

The power of food blogging is influencing the restaurant scene in a really big way because of the way the internet spreads around information. I love how it helps people choose where to go and what to eat and also on the flipside, how it keeps restaurants on its toes with respect to the quality of the dining experience of all its customers.

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