Friday, August 13, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure

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For most of my peers, the selection is quite obvious. If this episode was on the page of one your Choose your Own Adventure books, this might end up getting tagged as 'most predictable' open ended plot choice. Who doesn't want explicit material? Seriously. Tag anything with EXPLICIT and it will sell. Hell, I'd buy it. Curtis Jackson thinks it sells. Honestly, it sounds more like an invite.

More random thoughts: Some upright folks might say that with the tide that brought in all this technological progress, a great defect in the moral fiber of the young ones is permeating. What a big bag of S__t. This guy named Scott Berkun said: 'Technology has no wisdom. I can use a hammer to build a house, or kill my neighbors. The hammer doesn’t care. Technology is a kind of power, nothing more, and a technology on its own is not a kind of progress. It’s how the technology is used that makes it progress or not. People who make hammers, or software, don’t control how the world will use what they make simply because they made it. They think they do, but they don’t (e.g. Edison believed the phonograph would be used exclusively by businessmen).'

We can drive this progress towards any direction that we want. Any direction that YOU want. We are blessed to have these tools at our disposal. Isn't it awesome that it doesn't take much for an idea to explode into the next big concept? I think the secret is continue driving the kind of creativity that is now sweeping our world consciousness. I say screw the institutions that teach you rules that shackle you to tradition. Let's also refrain from worshiping technology and getting sucked into it, it's just something you can use to pursue an agenda. This your book. Choose your Own adventure.

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