Monday, August 16, 2010

A Vacation from Law

During the UPCAT weekend, my law blockmates and I went to Bohol for a short but awesome weekend vacation. But being law students, most especially since most of us are taking OLA, we couldn’t leave our obligations behind. When we packed our bags, we packed heavy, carrying several bags for our swimwear and at the same time our law books, papers, and laptops. And so we all lived double lives, “bakasyonistas” during the day, while being responsible law geeks at night, typing motions and pleadings, studying for an exam, reading annotations, etc.
Carrying on such double lives wouldn’t have been easy if not for the FREE WI-FI offered in our lodging, Baclayon Bed and Breakfast. Being connected to the internet made us up to date as to the announcements in school; allowed us to email the required pleadings and motions to be submitted to our supervising lawyer; and of course be able to update our friends back in Manila with our vacation and our photos.

Vacation for law students during the semester seems impossible, but my blockmates have proved everyone wrong, with the help of course of technology, friends, and a sense of responsibility.

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