Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dial-up vs. SmartBRO vs. Globe Broadband

It's only been recently that I've realized that our internet connection is so much bearable now than when we first got connected through dial-up and prepaid ISP cards (ehem, ISP Bonanza). Gone are the days when I'd get a bad temper for having been disconnected from Ragnarok Online just before the consummation of a "transaction". There's also the fact that 100 pesos for 2o hours of 28kbps of connection simply isn't worth it.

My Mom, upon some convincing that the Internet will help my education and that it will lower the costs of our communication with my Dad, had us connected to SmartBRO. It was great at first, but then, the rainy season came and so did the seemingly endless intermittent connection. We had to call their customer service everyday and ask them to send a technician immediately, but SmartBRO will send someone a week after, when the connection's good. Hence, I eventually developed "hatred" and distrust against wireless broadbands. I succumbed to the fact that wireless broadbands don't go well with the rain and Antipolo City.

When I learned that Mom is switching to Globe Broadband, I was quite wary since I knew that it's another wireless service. The first few months of their service also had us calling their call centers but fortunately, unlike SmartBRO, they were fast in sending their field technicians to us. Eventually, though I was not that aware at first, the connection got better and faster, I could now download large files without waiting for 3 long hours.

I also admire the fact that tyhphoon "Ondoy" has not hampered our connection even once during its onslaught in the Metro. (I was dead sure that I'd get home without an internet connection the day after that flooded Saturday).

I guess SkyBroadband would have to wait longer before we think of switching services again. As of now, we are completely satisfied with Globe.

(NOTE: I was not paid to advertise Globe Broadband!)

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