Sunday, August 22, 2010


18 Aug 2010 ... "A cell-phone video, showing a suspected robber screaming in pain as an alleged police chief yanks on a rope tied to the victim's genitals."

That's some shocking stuff.

After the police force was made popular by having this most wanted list on facebook, they get placed under the microscope for these shocking exposures. What an irony how technology can on one day be your friend, and on the next day be the biggest pain in the a__. No doubt this whole torture video scandal will make pinoy identity global once more. The way it is now, this country is looking like some real land of the outlaw. I mean, this is some serious scandal, not like some Hayden Kho amateur porn stuff.

The things that a video phone can expose; the things that the internet can proliferate; the amount of public opinion it can generate; the impact of a simple act of voyeurism in this fast-tracked digital galaxy - is just staggering.

This is how news spreads now, citizens taking videos and uploading them for the mediamen. Back then correspondents have to be everywhere all the time, now all they have to do is encourage responsible people to shoot these videos and then upload. The events that impact your society can now be viewed from multiple perspectives, mostly unedited and uncut.

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