Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Phone-less For A Day

Who knew that going through the day without a phone could be liberating? I recently had this realization when I accidentally left my phone at home while I was running late for class. By the time I noticed my oversight, I was a few minutes away from my house and going back would entail me being even later than I already am. So choosing between the lesser of two evils, I decided to go through the day phone-less.

Initially, I thought that going through the day would be difficult since I have been quite reliant on my phone. And considering that I had those mini-heart attacks when I try to grab my phone from my pocket and find it "missing", the day certainly wasn't an easy experience. However, after the shock has worn off and upon realization that I'm accidentally phone-less, the experience turned out to be an over-all freeing one.

Without my phone, I was not burdened by constantly checking whether someone texted. I did not have that nagging feeling that a call or text might come in that entails additional work load, academic or otherwise. It was a vacation from technology that turned out to be better than I expected.

Going through this experience, the fact that technology may sometimes serve as an additional burden on our daily existence has been reiterated in my mind. And inasmuch as I would like to not feel stressed because of my phone, I would have to concede that it is one convenience that I cannot do without. Because it is the primary way that I communicate and coordinate with my family, friends, and colleagues, I will remain to be a slave to it. Or at least until I become powerful enough like Warren Buffett to make other people work based on my schedule.

- Gino Paulo O. Uy

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