Friday, August 6, 2010

IMHO: Ubiquity is achieved online


Among the millions and millions of website hosts, there is a need to collect the good ones. And because there are people who believe in this too, it's not difficult to find a collection of good and useful sites.

In my case, I found this article of Mashable useful--with the framework that one wants to be everywhere all at the same time. The operative word is self-publication and the internet can make your work outlive you or a century.

If you want to showcase YOUR food, artwork, collectibles, books, magazines, food and drink, music and video, software and video games and anything, even your own house and your life like The Truman show movie, you can find the perfect host. To cause a viral, you also have a lot of websites to do just that.

Personalize it.

Whether the internet promotes individualism or community, I haven't really read much literature on it. Only that I know that it promotes. And I like that it promotes self-expression. So when I read this article on websites where you can personalize things, I really thought "Wow, I can make my own bags and shoes online and purchase it! Hmm, but since I made the design, can I be charged only for the materials? Wait, who will own my design? Let's check the terms and conditions."

I like it not so much about personalizing stuff that makes me happy although that is part of it. I like it because it helps me stimulate my creativity and see things around me in a different light. Like I look at pens, tables, chairs, books, notebooks, etc and make me visualize it in a different form or appearance.

The Value of Ubiquity and Personality

In my humble opinion, it is increasing your social capital, among others. Not to mention physical capital and human capital which you can invest and reap its rewards, whether in the same form or not. The person will die but the URL can live forever. Or can't it?

Paulyn Duman
Blog #11 (for August 27)

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