Thursday, August 12, 2010


It is always a relief to discover that there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Case in point: the online lectures series (the topic never gets old). ASTI referred us to DILC for their work on the University Virtual Learning Environment, and suggested that they may be able to help us with the project. We  immediately set a meeting with Mr. Peter Sy, DILC's head (who, to my surprise, was a former teacher of mine!).

As it turns out, the UVLE site is perfect as an access point for livestream as well as a repository for soft copies of the other materials we can provide for the candidates. And since the site makes use of CRS login information, and requires that students logged in must be enrolled in the class in order to access the class webpage, it is the perfect solution for the security and exclusivity issue. Less hassle for the candidates since they don't need to create new login information. Less hassle for us since we won't have to worry about how to make sure that only people from up law will have access to the site.

In a matter of minutes, the DILC team already set up the class site (and made me a professor -- who would have thought?!). Now we only need to enroll the candidates in the class, and there we go!

Thankfully, DILC was very accomodating. But before taking the job, they wanted to see the hotel and test its capabilities.

UVLE is amazing! I used to think it was such an un-user friendly environment, given that my experience with it was pretty much limited to long-forgotten undergrad econ lecture materials and fairly recently, as storage for our PIL lecture materials. Now, it's so refreshing to see first hand that the UVLE can give so much more to those willing to maximize its potential.

I'm having fun tinkering about the site's features (as a professor no less! Haha it takes getting used to.).

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