Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Creators Project

I am currently exploring this new network that claims to be dedicated to the celebration of creativity, innovation and culture across media, and around the world. And so far, I really, really like what I'm seeing.

The Creators Project has two mandates:
- It’s a modern day media channel that we will continually identify and celebrate the work of visionary artists wherever they are.

- It is also a content creation studio, an arts foundation of sorts that will facilitate the production and dissemination of new work with these artists and their collaborators.

And I say:
1. It's like an arts&culture YouTube channel. With tabs for music, film, arts, design, gaming, fashion. That also aims to highlight where the creators are from (marketing strategy to emphasize worldwide reach)

2. As with any ambitious endeavor, money is king. This is more than just a website; they're also taking it to the road through a series of exhibitions and performance events. Thank god there's Intel and Vice.

3. I am inspired by
Nikki S. Lee. I want my own PROJECTS project.

4. You have to constantly explore what you can do with the available technology. Indeed, digital technologies have expanded distribution channels for all art forms and sort of democratized access to it. I hope Filipinos can take more advantage of this, too.

Entry No. 08
Rachelle Mayuga

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adrian arugay said...

awesome collaboration! eye candy.