Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All About BROGAN.

Last week, I talked about color-empowering websites. Today, let's talk about the wonders (maximizing) online presence could do for businesses.

I came across two books by Chris Brogan (one is co-written with Julien Smith) discussing how social media could be used in brand development. (1) In Social Media 101, he discusses how one could build an effective blog and website, as well as how to monitor one's online reputation. After all, in the business world, negative publicity IS negative publicity. (2) In Trust Agents, they discuss how online tools are used to build "networks of influence" through key people who act as your trust agents.

In another related site, Chris also lists down the 50 ways marketers can use social media. And of course, the power of blogging. It's crucial for businesses to maintain an ongoing blog where they can talk about their company and what they have to offer in an engaging way.

Remember: hard selling is offensive, soft selling is classy.
*Practical application in the Philippine context to follow next week :)*

Disclosure: I am in no way related or affiliated with the said author. This blog entry is purely for information's sake, and not intended as a marketing move to promote his books. (But. Truth be told, it did achieve that effect as well, right?)

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