Thursday, August 19, 2010


Constant vigilance is the price we have to pay to continue living in a democratic society. The generation that took to the streets to topple the Marcos regime understand this well and many of them have exhibited their disappointment to the seeming apathy displayed by today’s youth in ensuring that the fruits of their activism remain intact. They don’t seem to understand, however, that this is not a case of undervaluing what many have lived and died for. Rallies and mass demonstrations have been resorted to less and less not because the youth are resting idly by while threats to democracy are mounting – today’s generation has simply taken the fight elsewhere, from the conventional forum on the streets to that of the world wide web.

Carrying of placards, public speeches and political satires have given way to a new form of activism – that of blogging. The youth of today are not on the streets because they’re resting on their laurels; rather, they are exploring a new avenue for change. In so doing, they are able to cast a wider net and capture a larger audience. Through the blog medium, individual voices are made stronger. Personal convictions are emphasized. Information dissemination is also better facilitated. Opportunity for healthy debate is likewise made possible, thereby allowing for more in-depth discussions. Blogs, therefore, are the new face of activism.
Youth activism, best realized during the First Quarter Storm, is not dead, contrary to popular public opinion. It is alive and vibrant, taking a new form that promises greater accessibility and participation.

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