Thursday, August 12, 2010

Televisions as Non-lethal Weapons

I stumbleupon-ed this photo about televisions becoming non-lethal weapons due to its huge socialization impact. It struck a cord in me because of the incessant claims of various local networks of their influence over the Filipinos. ABS CBN for example brags about the results of a recent survey that it was the most trusted news network during the 2010 Elections. This I think is both ironic and scary. Although I am not anti-Noynoy, it was pretty obvious how pivotal the role of ABS was to Noynoy's victory. They were hardly impartial, often giving more airtime and in a much glorified manner to Noynoy. For many Filipinos, seeking alternative sources is a rare option. Television has become the most used and abused avenue for information. And the recent elections just proved how unreliable and biased this source may be.

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