Thursday, August 12, 2010


As I sat listening to the speaker last Friday, I realized just how true what out professors have been telling us – the Philippines is lagging behind in terms of developing the relationship between technology and our laws. We have become too immersed in a paper-based society. It is understandable, given the fact that paper has been around much longer than this technology has.

However, this is not to be taken as an excuse.

It has been some years since these technological advancements have emerged, and have been emerging. Our country has to realize that and make efforts to catch up, and then keep up with the times. But such seems to be a half-hearted attempt on behalf of our government. Such can be seen from the length of time that the Cybercrime bill has been pending in Congress and the fact that it is difficult to regulate one’s actions on the Internet. I’m not saying that these will be easy to do. In fact, it will probably be very difficult, given the way things are in out country, both politically and economically. But I do not think that we have a choice. There have been attempts, but there always seems to be some roadblock. Change is never easy, after all.

I would hate to add on to our new president’s burden, but I believe that this may be a field that he should consider dipping his toe in. It could mark a new beginning in our country’s history, and a very important one at that.

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