Thursday, August 12, 2010

Color is Power.

"The spell cast by color can be subtle or blatant, but none of us is immune to its power. It affects the atmosphere of a room, the impressions we make when we meet someone for the first time, and the mood of a moment."

So begins a website talking about a wedding color palette as inspiration. I love that we have websites dedicated to generating palette schemes (and indexing all the html values of the colors). And apart from those in the advertising industry, and those bride-to-be fanatics and their inspiration boards for weddings, etc. etc., the list goes on on who can benefit from this wonderful program.

So. For those businesses wanting to establish online presence:
Apply the color palette rules for website design. It's one thing to attract visitors to the page (via links in other sites and other ad mechanisms) and it's another to actually engage them in business. As creators, we have control over the site's content AND aesthetics.

Color stimulates on levels other than reason and intellect. Remember: Before your audience begins to read and react to your information, they see it in color.

Entry No. 09
Rachelle Mayuga


adrian arugay said...

nice!! me, i check this site called when I need color inspiration/reference for kickass design work.

Rachelle Ann T. Mayuga said...

thanks for sharing that site :) ang saya.

i forgot to post the link to the first color site i fell in love with. check out

Cha Mendoza said...

Haha i know that site! Ang cute ng dresses dun actually, that's where I got the idea to have formal dresses for my wedding. yey! <3

Michelle P. M. Sabitsana said...

i love colors, rachekie. hence, i will check this out. thank you! :)