Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two-Thumbs Up! (Trust Me)

Today's tight economy has made the consumer more discerning and discriminating, in that there is an effort to spend only on goods that are guaranteed useful, practical, aesthetically-pleasing, or simply awesome. Take note, GUARANTEED. Especially in a market environment where one is bombarded with different brands and features across different price ranges, consumer satisfaction is slowly reflecting that "feel-good factor from knowing I got the best among the lot."

The internet has been very helpful in providing reviews, and for free. Information may be obtained from websites solely dedicated to reviewing the latest goods, or by communities specially formed to discuss a particular product (forum). A person wishing to buy something need only to type a product description or model, and a gamut of opinion and reviews are instantly returned.

Some websites take reviewing a level higher by providing comparisons of goods according to features, functions, price, etc. And there are websites that also review music, movies, tourist destinations--experiences in general. Bottomline: if it's anything that would make you spend your money, it's probably worth reviewing.

However, there is no standard on such reviews. There is no institution to gauge the credibility of such websites, and one can only rely on the reviewer's expertise (if such person be known at all). Statistics could help, especially when presented through colorful line or bar graphs. It cannot even be determined if the reviews are completely independent and impartial, considering that the advertisements appearing on the websites are the very ones subject to reviews.

Whether or not a good is satisfactory still depends on the user's preferences. After using such, maybe you can just give your two cent's worth, with the satisfaction of knowing it is based on experience.

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