Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Online Maps

I was never used to looking at maps to get to places. I would usually just get the directions, rely on instincts, and sometimes ask people along the way. But with the rise of online maps, like Google Maps and Wikimapia, my old habits have changed.
Now, every time I have to go somewhere not familiar to me or even just to make sure that I won’t get lost, I check the said online maps. The fact that it’s so easy to use makes it even more appealable to drivers like me. One just have to type the establishment and location, then zoom, it will show you a map of that place. They even show the streets with its names, possible landmarks, and even gas stations and restaurants for when your tank or your tummy is nearing empty.
But of course, this technology is outdated compared to the GPS (Global Positioning System), which gives the driver directions while he is driving. Seoul, according to National Geographic, have taken GPS to another level, maps in 3D! Although I wish we have this here in the Philippines, I guess for now, I have to be contented with just memorizing the directions before leaving home.

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