Sunday, August 1, 2010


Starcraft 2 is nothing more but the more the most anticipated game of the decade. This game's a sequel to the game that changed the way online games were being played. My brother just bought his own original copy today and has been going at it since noon time. He has stopped only for dinner. The original game is one of the granddads of online gaming, and this new release is now making pimply fanboys drool. It's highly addictive. And it's a REAL game, not one of your flash based brain-sapping programs.

Games these days, I've noticed, have grown harder and harder to pirate. I'm not saying it can't be done, it's easily possible to make copies of Starcraft 2, but you can't play online with it. So, if you get a copy of the game from some nice torrent site or a local pirate, you can only play with yourself. What blizzard does is include a unique ID system for each copy of game, so you can only create one online user profile for each ID. That way, nobody else can use that particular copy.It's virtually impossible to play on the official online site without getting an original copy of the game, which costs 3000 pesoses.

I think I'm going to spend the latter of the night doing further 'research' on this new game..

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Atan said...

well if ever it will be hack forsure you can't use it online coz you don't want an NBI knocking your door. Hope i can play it LAN too like old days..

I got my copy and i really enjoy playing as Zerg. Well there are some sacrifices before i got my own, i did not buy AION Kinah for a month just to have my own copy. No regrets since it all worth it.