Thursday, August 5, 2010


There are bundles of freebies you can get from the internet.

In search of an anti-virus software for personal use? Forget Norton Home-Edition. It’s too much hassle. Doing so means that you have to step out of your house, look for an authorized dealer, and then grudgingly part with couple of P1,000 bills. Not only that, as soon as you pop the CD to your computer, you’d realize that the software devoured your memory space, filled it with unnecessary (aka. bonus) features, and ultimately slowed your computer down. Try AVG instead. It’s downloadable, lightweight – memory-wise – and free.

Lost your printer’s driver? Stop looking for that CD from your stockpile of old CDs and (*gasp*) diskettes. You won’t find it -- unless you’re the obsessive-compulsive type who kept it inside its cover. Even then, with all the dust which could’ve collected, you might end up triggering your allergic rhinitis. So, just google it. Surely, there are a number of sites there where you can download it from free of charge. Just a few clicks and your printer will be working in no time.

Looking for games? Like Wedding Dash, Diner Dash, or Chocolate? Go to and download to your heart’s content without having to pay a single cent for it. They’re good for a certain period. Better yet, you can play online. This way, you could get to compete with someone at the other side of the planet.

You name it, the Internet (probably) has it. For free.

Life can (sometimes) be so sweet. :)

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