Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One of CNN’s Recommended Happy Sites

CNN just released a list of happy websites to fight off the negativity in today’s news. One of the websites it listed was the “1000 Awesome Things” site. It can be accessed at:

This site is interesting in the sense that it makes us realize the simple things that make us happy yet we take for granted. How is this relevant to law and ICT? I really don’t know. But the real and only connection I find is that this is a venue made available by ICT to somehow ease the burden from LAWschool. :)

But seriously, I really think that this is a very helpful site in curbing the potential crime rate in society. This is because I personally believe that crimes are the result of unhappy circumstances. And when people are made aware of this wonderful site, they can make do, appreciate and be happy with the simple things around them, thereby dispensing with criminal thoughts and deeds.

-Michelle P. M. Sabitsana

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christiansen cabahug said...

i totally can relate to #956!