Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Excessive Internet Use May Lead To Depression

Who knew that pathological use of the Internet can actually result in depression? A recent study has shown that spending hours on the internet may trigger depression, especially among teens. Far from discouraging people from using the net, the findings from this study may be a big help identifying and assessing people who may be most at risk of depression.

When I found out about this news I must say that I was not as surprised as I should be. Granted that browsing the net opens a whole new world that we may not get to experience otherwise, there is still no replacement for the real thing. For instance, even if Facebook or other social media may bring us closer to our loved ones since it is an instant way for us to communicate, it is still not as good as physically talking and laughing with them in person. After all, physical, human contact releases endorphines, the hormones that are linked to the feeling of euphoria, and such is not present when one is deeply engaged in the virtual world.

The internet is a wonderful thing. Because of it we gain access to an unprecedented amount of information. Conceded that sometimes the virtual world is more interesting and engaging, one must realize that as human we are not programmed to be looking at a screen all day. I guess this is one of those instances wherein moderation is key. After all it is literally ones happiness and well being that is at stake.

- Gino Paulo O. Uy

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