Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twitter Ads

Celebrity advertisements work, and these days, the internet seems to have taken it to a whole new level.

Some celebrities who blog or tweet let us into their lives to a certain extent. Because of this, they accumulate a lot of curious followers who more often than not want to catch a glimpse of their probably fabulous lives. Online, celebrities may gush about their new phone or designer dress or announce that they’re craving for McDonald’s and the list goes on. Most of the time, this catches the readers’ interest. And of course, for those who idolize them, this is the perfect way to get a hold of the stuff they use.

But how many times do people stop to think whether these are paid ads or not? Chances are, given the nature of Twitter and other blogs, this really doesn’t cross our minds. But the reality is, these seemingly random brain farts could just be a way for celebrities to earn their money. So what’s a celebrity really into and what is he or she just being paid to say? It could remain a mystery as the line is now pretty much blurred in the realm of Twitter and the like.

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